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LBF charity 'break out' event will raise money for Leicester's Hospitals

Leicester business bosses will face the ultimate test in a Leicester Business Festival (LBF) event organised by Leicester Hospitals Charity. The boss breakout event running on Thursday 16 November will aim to raise over £12,000 to fund 12 new fold away bed so that parents can comfortably stay with their children during their stay.

At the charity event business leaders will be ‘locked-up’ within the Charity pop-up space in Highcross and must use their networks to collectively fund-raise the money to secure their release.

Leicester Hospitals Charity is creating a pop-up shop in Highcross from Saturday 18 November until Friday 22 December, where they will be staging a programme of fundraising activities and events, including this ‘Boss Break Out’ escape room event experience during LBF. The managers, CEOs and MDs who sign up to take part, need to deploy their best sales tactics to encourage donations to help them break out and raise money to bring comfort to patients, families and staff across Leicester’s Hospitals.

At times parents/carers need to stay in hospital with their infant, child, or young person. To help make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible while they have a child in the hospital during an extremely anxious time, parents/carers are naturally wanting to stay as close to their child as possible. To make this possible there are a number of foldable parent beds available across the hospital, however sometimes they are all in use and additional beds are always welcome and needed by the wards. Staying close to their child overnight in a comfortable manner is beneficial for the parents, as well as staff, as enabling parents to stay at the bedside has been proven to be a pivotal part of supporting young patients during their admission. With the help of this fundraising event, Leicester Hospitals Charity is hoping to fund an additional 12 new chairs at a cost of £12,000.

Louise Evans, Head of Nursing at the Children’s Hospital, said: “We are committed to providing an environment that supports family-centred care for all our inpatients. This includes providing a healthcare environment that is clean, comfortable and feels homely with the option for a parent or carer to stay and sleep (in comfort), beside their infant/ child throughout their hospital stay.

"The provision of the new chairs will go some way to improving parents' and carers' experience during anxious times and less worry for the nursing team in trying to locate enough fold-away chairs for the night.”

So far, confirmed participants include well-known business figureheads and the Charity is now seeking more willing business leaders to take part in the Boss Break-out on Thursday 16 November between 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Sunita Patel, Head of Corporate and Community Fundraising at Leicester Hospital Charity and LBF partner, said: “Thanks to the continued support from our local business community we are able to make a real impact to patients and their families across Leicester, Leicestershire and beyond. It’s great see that a number of business leaders have already pledged their support and are up for the challenge, we still need a few more to sign up to make sure the event reaches our fundraising target so that families are able to stay together in comfort.”

Richard Osborn, Chair of Leicester Business Festival CIC, said: “Leicester’s Hospitals have a significant role in all our lives whether we have experienced hospital care ourselves or those closest to us have. Hospitals are the biggest employer in the area so we may also have people close to us working there.

“Having an event as part of LBF which will have a long-lasting and life-changing impact is truly incredible. Many people working in business are extremely passionate about supporting Leicester’s Hospitals so this is one way of doing that collectively."

Those interested in being involved in the bosses’ break-out should visit the Leicester Hospitals Charity website at: where colleagues in senior leadership positions can be nominated to take part in the challenge.

Up to 80 events will be running during the festival fortnight which runs from 6 - 17 November. In the lead up organisers are adding selected events to the diary. Booking on to an event is simple through the Leicester Business Festival website at:


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