Hosting an event in the LBF paves the way to many benefits, from making new connections generating business leads and growing your supply chain – and it could quite easily enable you to reach a market you may well not have even considered.

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Now in its seventh year, the 2021 festival will take on a slightly different format.


We aim to ensure that events accepted into the programme are of the highest quality, so event organisers and attendees get the most out of being part of the LBF,  as well as attending.


Below you will find a handy step by step summary.

All applications must be submitted by Friday 10th September 2021.

Please click on the button opposite to read the full event organiser's pack before filling in your application.

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All applications must be submitted via the LBF website before Friday 10th September 2021, using the application form below.


New themes and criteria have been set for this year and all applications will be scored using a weighting percentage point scoring system. Events must meet at least TWO of the LBF's objectives and criteria, so make sure your answers are clear, concise, detailed and meet the requirements.

Click above for the criteria and themes.




You will receive an automatic notification to let you know we have received your application form.

Your application will then be reviewed and scored against the LBF criteria, objectives and themes. You will hear back from us within two weeks of your application date.



If your application is successful, we will notify you within two weeks of your submission with more information on how to promote your event. You will then be asked to confirm the date and time with your venue (if applicable) and your speakers.

Your event slot will be held in the Event Organisers' Calendar so that other event hosts can see at a glance the themes and times that are already taken. 


If  your application happens to fall short in terms of the new LBF criteria, objectives or themes, we will help you to revise it accordingly.



Once the team has confirmed your event, they will get to work on producing your event listing on the LBF ticketing website. You will be send a link to preview and approve your event before it goes live for ticket sales.

Your live event will appear in the LBF calendar and you will be able to get promoting!

Ready to apply?

Simply complete the event application form by clicking on the button below

Are you looking for a venue to host your event at? Click here to view our event partners.