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Instead of sectors this year the LBF Team have provided Themes for your events to be allocated into (some of these may consist of multiple themes and if this is the case, please let us know in your application form). These themes represent the key areas within Leicester and Leicestershire that have been impacted over the recent months, those that have thrived and those that can offer the business community support and assistance to help them bounce back.  

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Resilient Innovation

covering new products or services, life in a post-COVID world and strategies for the future.

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Sustainability & Connectivity

this includes digital connectivity and communications and also the movement of people and goods.

Themes icons-03-03.png


all about getting your business, product, service or even geographical area to stand out in the crowd and against competitors.

Themes icons-04.png


all things people related including diversity, resilience, HR, skills and training and the well-being of employees.

Themes icons-05-05.png


everything associated with organisational growth including help, advice, networking and lead generation.

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