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To meet the objectives of the festival, every event should aim to meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • Benefit the local business community (such as interact, engage, promote, share best practice, learn new skills and network).

  • Aim to increase economic growth and drive inward investment for the region.

  • Showcase what Leicester has to offer, demonstrating to the wider world prominence within the region.

  • Strengthen ongoing partnerships or develop new collaborations between research and academic institutions, local authorities and businesses.

  • Help to increase employability and grow talent within the region, raise aspirations, cultivate future stars and show opportunities and progression.

  • Drive business engagement and cross-sector collaboration.

  • Have potential to attract interest from businesses/individuals from outside of the region, to cultivate a range of local, national and international links.

  • Focus on wider issues or controversial topics (for example new technologies, innovation, economic issues or address challenges facing the local economy.

  • Offer support and educate businesses coming out from the pandemic.

Other Conditions:

  • Organisers will need to agree to the LBF Terms & Conditions 

  • Business Festival events may not be used purely as a self-promotional platform. (Although hosting an event will provide a natural showcase and further incremental business opportunities.)

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