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The Leicester Business Festival is now the region’s largest business event, and you are what has made it happen! 


We’ve pulled together these handy tips to help you navigate the minefield of event delivery, brand alignment and to assist in making your event join with all those that are taking place across the festival to show what our region's got on offer.


Please read this page in full as it contains essential information that you will need to know from where to collect branding, brochures and pull-up banners from during the festival, to how to access sales and attendee reports. 


You can even send in your presentations and we’ll make them live for the world to see. 


LBF has been developing over the past 3 years into the region’s largest business event. It is now attracting international interest with attendees coming from Russia, China, France, Greece and Ecuador - who knows who will be at yours - so let’s show the world what Leicester and Leicestershire has on offer! 

The opening event is being held on the morning of 28th October. As a host, you will receive an invite to this event, please keep an eye out for your invitation in coming weeks. 


If you need anything, what-so-ever, just email hello@leicesterbusinessfestival.com or call 0116 464 5995

Let's make 2019 the best Leicester Business Festival yet! 

The Festival is a great opportunity to showcase the region on a national and international level, to do that we need people to shout about LBF. You can do through your professional or personal networks, email marketing, or internal communications. 

If you have any space to promote the Festival in your communications between now and the 8th November, please get in touch. 

Whichever way you think you can support the region's largest business event and your business community, get in touch today - and make Leicester and Leicestershire as the beacon of inward investment and economic growth in the UK.

0116 464 5995


Roller Banners.  


To enhance the 'Festival feel' across the region and show off that you’re part of it; across the two weeks there are a huge volume of pop-up banners being provided to place the brand of LBF far and wide. And as part of the T&C’s you agreed to, we have allocated you two – one of each type!

To help with the organisation of collecting and returning banners for your event, we have produced a schedule which details the date and times of your collection and return slot. Click below to download the Excel file. Collect and return address: Associate Events, Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leicester, LE3 5BJ.

Presentation Decks.  


The LBF Presentation deck is to be used at all events where there is Powerpoint or keynote in use. This is a great branding asset and is a major part of providing a ‘festival feel’ when attendees are going from event-to-event. 


Click the icon below to download the LBF2019 Presentation Deck. This has been provided as a PowerPoint document with branded background graphics and editable text fields.

Official Programme.  


You will be receiving your batch of brochures by Wednesday 9th October! There should be enough to give to all your event attendees and extras to use as promotion in the run up to the Festival. 


If you run out of brochures, you can pick up more from Associate Events Friars Mill, Bath Lane, Leceister LE3 5BJ – we’ve got 1000’s! You can also use the online copy to promote the Festival through social media and emails .


We ask that you ensure that every place at your event is provided with one brochure and that in the meantime, please distribute any excess far and wide to get the message out about your event and of course LBF. 

You can view the official programme online by clicking here.

LBF2019 Calendar.jpg
LBF2019 Sector Page.jpg
LBF2019 Front Cover.jpg

Making Presentations Available Online – Post Event.  


Attendees sometimes find it useful to be able to access presentations post event. This simply allows them to relax and absorb your event without taking pages of notes. 


If you want to see you presentations appear on the Leicester Business Festival website – please send these directly to hello@leicesterbusinessfestival.com 

with the subject title “LBF Presentation for [Your Event Here] and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Sales Reports.  


With over 120 events and in excess of 10,000 attendees expected across the #LBF2019 fortnight there is a huge volume of data to manage - you’ll appreciate that, you’re an event organiser too! 


Within the email, you should have received a link to access your attendee list. This report will include all attendees’ names, their contacts details and the number of tickets booked per attendee. Due to GDPR these reports are password protected as they contain personal details. You will receive a second email that will contain the password to your 

individual event report.  


Should you have any queries at all, then please simply call 0116 464 5995 and one of the team will be pleased to assist.


We will be sending reminders to all of your attendees the day before they are due to attend. We do this simply as some individuals booked months ago, and we want to be sure that you get your full delegation attending your event.  Please feel free to do the same. 

How to Host a Great Event.!   


Back in July we held an event about some of the key things to consider as part of your event. We’re sure you've already sorted everything for your event, and it’s going to be great, but just incase you want to check, you can access the slides below.

Feedback & Surveys.  


To ensure that future LBF events learn from the high’s and low’s of 2019, we will be providing each attendee with a link to a short feedback survey immediately after their attendance at your event. We kindly ask that at the end of your event you encourage attendees to fill this out. They will be able to do this at anytime from 28th October on the leicesterbusinessfestival.com website too.


Shortly after LBF2019, we will be sending you a very very short feedback form around your experiences of this year’s festival. Your feedback is critical in us making 2020 even better!

Event Organiser Handbook

Event Organiser Offers.  


Some of the Leicester Business Festival partners are kindly offering their services to 2019 hosts, to help you make your event the best it can be. 

The Presentation Group. 


The Presentation Group is a full service event production company offering AV, technical and creative production, helping businesses to grow through effective communication. Supporting companies of all shapes and sizes from local SME’s to global corporations, they have over 25 years industry experience, a dedicated in-house team of production experts and a range of scalable solutions, from AV support at small meetings to full scale conference production.

The Presentation Group is offering a 40% discount on equipment and a 20% discount on support personnel for events held as part of the Leicester Business Festival.

For more information or to discuss your event requirements, contact Dom, Jen, Brad or Abbey on 01509 230005 or via email at LBF@thepresentationgroup.co.uk

Event Organiser Handbook. 


We have created a really useful handbook that you can use to help you get the most from your event. It has helpful tips on how to promote your event and what you should be doing in the lead up to the Festival and your event. 

Event promotion is down to you, with over 120 events in the programme we cannot give each event the promotion needed to sell out your event. Please read the Handbook to see all the different ways you can promote your event

Front Cover.jpg

Event Organiser Handbook - Promotion

Promotion Front Cover.png

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  


Social media is a powerful tool and in order to get people to your event, we all need to use it! 

We all need to keep pushing the festival and your event through all possible channels. We want as many people at your event - so don’t forget - promote yourselves, and the festival as a whole, through your own networks as well as LBF’s, especially online!


  • Signpost your followers to Leicester Business Festival website: leicesterbusinessfestival.com to book their tickets, find out about the Festival and get involved

  • Follow our social media channels:​

Twitter: www.twitter.com/LBFestival 

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/leicester-business-festival

Facebook: www.facebook.com/LBFest/

  • Include #LBF2019 in your posts to join the conversation.

  • Tag us in your posts – we can then share through our channels.

  • Use the attached images and logos in your social media posts.

  • Share why you support Leicester Business Festival.


Social Media Toolkit

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